Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The five best parts of my day...

It's been a long day that I am actively choosing not to complain about at this moment.

(Somewhere both my mother and my therapist are nodding and smiling at me in complete unison...)

Instead, I thought I would highlight some of the brighter spots of the past fourteen hours.

1. I had a pretty fabulous cup of coffee that I sipped on all morning long. Triple Grande, non-fat + 3 raw sugars lattes make my little world go-round... (yeah... so about that whole giving up caffeine thing... I'm still working on it... slowly).

2. I talked this lady into going to see an off Broadway dancing spectacle next weekend that involves sequins, professional ballroom-ers, and DWTS B-List celebrities. I mean, does it get any better than that?

3. I read about a pretty stellar give-away over on one of my new favorite blogs, your wishcake. (and can I admit here that I have a pretty noteworthy girl-crush on this one? Seriously kids, she's completely adorable...) I demand that all ten of you that read this here little blog go check her out immediately...

4. My Holga arrived! My Holga arrived!

5. Which leads me to the walk I just finished. Marlo and I just hiked around a bit and I attempted to get some practice maneuvering the world's simplest camera. It's pretty perfect really, because I have one of the world's simplest minds...

And, yep, I think that about covers all of the bases.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday (it is Tuesday, right??)

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M.E. said...

Haha...I love how you worked me into #2. It was great to see you today, btw!