Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time Warp.

Is anyone else amazed by how fast this summer has seemed to pass by? It's unbelievable, really. These past few weeks, months, days, whatever the heck it has been- they seem to have all meshed together into one hot, muggy clump in my brain. I wrote down the date today and nearly had a heart attack. Is it really August 6th? How is that possible? I swear it was just the end of May... like... two months ago... or something... I don't know. For me, this summer has been one of the strangest time warps I've ever experienced. Even stranger ( I think...) then the one I experienced when I sold books door- to- door in the backwoods of North Carolina.

But that's a different story for a different day...

Anyhow. I'm going to be taking my roommate to the airport on Saturday. She's flying out early from Dallas and so I think I've decided I'm going to go on a date. With myself. Because those are the best kind. And since this town I call home ( albeit, a bit begrudgingly these days) tends to lack, oh, I don't know, ANYTHING TO DO, then I thought I would take advantage of being in the "big" city and go exploring a bit.

Eh? Eh? Look at me trying to embrace this time in my life. So, yep, this is me, putting on my big girl panties and trying to suck it up and enjoy a few things.

I'll let you know how it goes.

P.S. Marlo just walked into my room, gagged three times, and proceeded to unleash a torrent of dog vomit like you've never seen.



Megan said...

You sold books... door to door!? Oh, I'd love to hear about that sometime. Be careful this weekend. I'll be in Dallas Sun.-Tues., so we'll just miss each other. We should get together and explore Tyler, though. Surely there has to be something interesting out there- maybe we just haven't found it yet.

Catherine said...

Aw, poor Marlo.

Wait until your (unborn, albeit) child eats 1500 goldfish pretzels and then does the exact same Thad did only moments ago.


Erin Dietrich said...

I just laughed out loud - poor Marlo! Now that you are a doggie mommy there are a few things you should know. If Marlo gets a bee sting or bug bite and swells up, you can administer 1 mg of benadryl for every lb of puppy weight every 8 hours (we've had it happen MANY times) and if by chance Marlo likes M&M's as much as Seth and I do, a nice mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water will induce vomiting of astounding measure to clean out the chocolate from the belly (yes, we've recently had to do this to both our dogs after they devoured a 1 lb bag of plain M&M's).

Enjoy your "blind" date!