Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These are some pick-me-up flowers I got from my old friend Brent this past week. They are blooming beautifully and I just thought I should show them off.

Also, I just got back from swimming with my new friend Megan and am enjoying that "I just got out of the pool" feeling that I love oh-so much.

In other news, the "rooms" is getting home tomorrow. It's been quiet around here...Well, actually, I am going to rescind that last statement because OH DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN MY DOG WILL NOT STOP BARKING. No really. She has recently decided that the most effective way to, I don't know, do ANYTHING, is to preface any movement with a loud bark. This in turn, scares the living wits out of me, and I come THIS close to pulling a Tonya Harding and taking her out at the knees. I'm an awful pet owner. I can admit it.

And finally, in hopes of ending this pointless post on a happier note, I thought I would share the good combo that is happening right now, in this exact moment of space and time: Thunder is sounding in the distance, wind is rattling the windows, this song is playing, and a warm cup of Rwandan coffee is in perched in front of me.

So, you see, there is a happy ending.

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Kristin said...

That IS a happy ending. Don't you love good friends? What would we do without them?