Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's been a hard day. The kind that you want to run away to the bed to escape from. No particular reason really, except that it's just that way. I tend to have these days from time to time and I'm discovering the best way for me to accept them is to turn off my brain. So, I flipped the switch a bit ago, even if only for a little while. And, in an attempt to forget for the moment that I'm kind of a hot mess, I decided to share a bit of East Texas Trivia with you, my valued and very few readers.


Where in the world can you drive for five minutes and see three business establishments entitled Mamaw's Fried Pies, Huff n' Puff CHEAP TOBACCO!!!, and Cooter's Car Repair, all within a two-mile radius?


Do I really need to spell this out?

Yep. I took a little drive this morning after class in hopes of clearing my head. I hopped on a little country road outside of town and wished, oh how I wished, I had my camera...


M.E. said...

HAHAHAHAHA.... I know EXACTLY where you're talking about, b/c my husband sent me on a little drive to retrieve one of these mystery pies one afternoon. My stomach was torn up for two days. Apparently his is made of steel, b/c he loves them.

zenfullyme said...

Sounds.....classy. Ha. Sorry you had a bad day! Cooter's Car Repair is my fave! Haha.