Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Steps

I just wanted everyone to know how well I was doing today with my recent and unspoken decision to cut back on my caffeine intake. After a minor humiliation in my class that involved the averaging of mg/day of caffeine consumed by each of us and I won by a steady 300 mg, well, I thought maybe I should consider cutting back. The very nice therapist that I've begun seeing agrees, as well as my stomach, which lately has been surviving off of lots of coffee and a pretty consistent meal that looks like this:

(No, seriously, I have eaten this EXACT SAME MEAL no less than four times in the last six days.)

So, I decided to cut back.

I was very firm in this decision. That is, until about 4:00 today, when a searing pain began to tear through my head that felt something akin to my skull being pinned between a large truck tire and lots of pavement. And I began screaming at the dog in a volume that I haven't used in a very long time. And when I tried to sit down and pay some bills, I found myself teary-eyed, frustrated, and ready to throw something (I know, I know... but really, I'm working on myself here people. Cut me some slack.)

So, you know, that's when I found myself with a warm cup of coffee in hand and a fresh new outlook on this recent decision to cut out the world's most delicious substance.

I call it "Baby Steps".


zenfullyme said...

Taking it with ease is always better. And thank you for your comment on my last post. I appreciate it! =)

Megan said...

Oh man, now I feel a little bad for calling you a fiend on facebook- but it was all in jest, of course. Just know you are not alone, my friend. My addiction runs deep. BTW, that photo of food looks fantastic. Did you make that?

Kristin said...

Oh how I wish I could kick my java addiction. Tried. It hurts. Sigh.