Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't ask.

Mondays sometimes seem to be the longest days of the week. This one has been no exception. The puppy is making me cranky. And our bathtub exploded. And my ear hurts from my weekend at the lake. I'm hoping it's not some kind of scary worm that is going to make it's way into my brain and slowly eat away at my dignity (and, you know, brain-parts). I also just watched the bachelorette and decided that it's an awful show that makes me feel uneasy about love and sex and the whole shebang. With this being said, I sit on my couch feeling on the lower end of self deprivation, sensing that I'm the farthest I've ever been from many of the things I never knew I wanted. I know that doesn't make sense. But it does to me. And, last, but not least, I have a headache.

Ok. I'm finished.

On the up side, I did have a good weekend. And my family is coming into town this weekend. And the dog is sleeping right now, praise Jesus. I'm also about to go sleep, which sounds delightful.

Moral of the story: Don't watch the bachelorette while caring for a new puppy if you have an awful headache and have recently undergone a difficult breakup that most of the world views as obnoxious and obsolete. Oh, and if you just discovered sewage in your bathtub.

The End.


zenfullyme said...

Ugh, I understand. It seems love is everywhere and that it gets rubbed in your face after you've lost it. I hate to say it because I hated hearing it, but time heals all things. A month ago I was completely devastated hating the world & everyone in it. Today, things are looking up and it doesn't hurt as bad. It will get better, I promise!

dont blink. said...

so the raw sewage is a huge bummer...and after watching bachelorette last night, I was pretty dissapointed in our little Jillian. Apparently Sex is REAL important to her, and the fact that he was lobster sunburned, and maybe just didnt really want to do it is now something she weighs...I just dont know either. But I do love you very much...and if you ever want to wallow in self pity, you know I am your girl.