Friday, July 31, 2009

Change in Pace.

Ok. I know my blogging can be a little drone-some (I know, not a word... but it is now, so deal with it) and I know that at times, my overly analytical ways can equal cumbersome blog material for those wanting a more light-hearted read. But the truth of the matter is that this blog is really just one more therapeutic device for my life; It's another way for me to put pen to paper (or rather finger to amazingly sleek new generation macbook keyboard?) and most of the satisfaction it brings come from just knowing I've put a little bit more of myself out into the world. And, you know, I figure people can respond to it if they like and maybe learn a few new things about that one friend they have (or had, once upon a time) named Courtney. Because, let's just be honest, she's the bee's knees.

So, I thought that today, instead of my complaining about the uncertainties that plague me on a regular basis, I would take a cue from this post and list some things that I know with complete certainty.

The perfect outfit:

Well, I've got to say, I'm a big fan of how clothes contribute to my day- I like texture and movement and I like how certain pieces make me feel. So, right now, my perfect outfit is any kind of sundress that lets me feel the sun on my shoulders and the breeze when I walk. Add a couple of long necklaces and a great big, colorful ring, and I'm generally ready to go.

The perfect meal:

Well, I've never been shy about my appreciation for food. While I can tend to be a bit picky about the kinds of food I like (seafood? gag. condiments? no thank you.), I definitely enjoy sitting down for a good meal. Today the perfect meal would probably look something similar to: a perfectly cooked, medium rare steak, some grilled fresh veggies, and an ice-cold beer of sorts (oh, I can just see the disappointed look on my mother's face now). Throw in some kind of fabulous ice-cream and you've got yourself one happy lady.

The perfect road trip:

I. Love. Road. Trips. But only if I can be in the front seat. Otherwise car sickness settles in, and then, well, I go down and so does my appreciation for the open road. Right now the perfect road trip sounds something like driving up the west coast. It's one part of the country I've never seen, and I've been craving the ocean lately, so that sounds about right. Throw in some great music, some NPR podcasts, and some great coffee and I'm good to go. Friends are welcome, but let's be honest here, not required. I'll drive anywhere alone and be just peachy.

The perfect facial feature:

Hmm... this one is difficult for me. I generally love faces as a whole. I like how all of the features work together and play off of one another in a way that truly is unique and artistic. I mean, what are eyes without a crinkly forehead to join them, or a great smile without the always forgotten chin?

The perfect drink:

Ugh. This is a tough one too. I'm going to say a good cup of coffee and keep it at that.

The perfect song:

Ok. Obviously this is impossible for me to commit to (I'm beginning to see a pattern here....), but a few of my favorites that just popped into my brain:

Tiny Dancer- Elton John
Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead
Bridge Over Troubled Water- Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple
Round Here- Counting Crows
Rain- Patty Griffin
Welcome Home-Radical Face

Ok. Clearly I cannot answer this question.

The perfect sign of affection:

A kiss on the forehead.

The perfect afternoon:

A beach. A book. A journal.

The perfect vacation:

Hmm... right now, I've got my heart set on Greece. It's where I want to go to next.

The perfect invention:

Tampons. Enough said.

The perfect album:
This week? Ray LaMontagne's Trouble

The perfect sport:
College Football. Done.

The perfect date:
I'd say any kind involving laughter, coffee, and a bit of spontaneity.

The perfect weather:
75 degrees and sparkly.

The perfect thing to say:
"I love who you are."

The perfect day of the week:
After much consideration, I've decided Fridays are pretty swell.


Anonymous said...

YOU are your father's duaghter!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, daughter~

Megan said...

Oh, I could definitely go for a road trip... summer is never long enough! And Yay for Ray- love his music!

A "cheery" disposition said...

Love this! Forehead kisses my fav and Greece is were I want to next too.