Sunday, April 26, 2009

An interesting weekend...

My phone rang Friday morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Becca's name on my caller I.D.  I picked up, shot the breeze, and very quickly found myself agreeing to a quick 24 hour trip down to Houston to spend the night with her and our other old college roommate Rachael.  I had the time, so why not make a bit of a spontaneous journey, I thought to myself.  I quickly threw some clothes in a bag, slipped on a nice, cool black maxi dress and prepared for the three hour trek in a car with no A.C.  

This was my first mistake.

Before leaving town I wanted to make a few stops.  It was during these few stops that I began to notice some strange things happening.  First off, I noticed people staring at me a lot longer than one would normally stare at another person.  After the third or fourth person gave me the once over I started to feel like maybe something was wrong.  I think it was the guy at the gas station who gave me a creepy "nice dress" that really made me start to wonder. But after surveying the scene, i.e. checking to make sure everything was properly covered, teeth were clean, the nose was booger-free, etc, I decided to shake it off and move on.  So, I headed over to the local Starbucks for a cup of coffee for the road and to pick up my paycheck (because, you know, working at a coffee shop is the cool thing these days).  So, because I'm awesome, I decided to go to the place where I see the same people EVERY DAY...

This was my second mistake.

I pulled into the familiar parking lot, strolled by the patio filled with the familiar scene kids, pulled open the doors and began to weave through the customers I usually serve on the flip side of the counter. I chatted up some fellow baristas and placed my order.  Again, I noticed some strange glances and tried to shake it off, thinking to myself, "well, maybe I just look that good..." 

Turns out I didn't.  

Turns out my dress was completely see-through.  Turns out the thong I was wearing underneath the dress was completely visible to anyone within a two mile radius.  Turns out the men that were craning their necks to check me out were interested in more than just my cute scarf. 

Awesome.  Sigh.

But you know what was pretty awesome?  The rest of the weekend.  I loved seeing my dear friends and catching up on their lives and the people in their lives.  I also loved time to just be alone in the car and enjoy a beautiful drive with the windows down.  It was the kind of drive that is good for the soul.

It was a great couple of days spent with good people, lots of laughter, lots of good conversation and a great "most embarrassing moment" story to share...  I mean, you can't ask for more than that, right?



zenfullyme said...

Omigosh! That sucks! I dread the day something like that happens to me. I know it's only a matter of time! lol. Love the pics though! And it least it was a good weekend!

david said...

oh that made me miss Texas so much my belly hurts.

Rachael said...

he he he he he