Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I interrupt the regularly scheduled lecture...

What? So I'm blogging while I'm in class. You would be too if you were listening to a lecture about factor analysis.  Besides, I'm such a math whiz that I've got this crud covered (i.e. I printed off all of the reading material and can read at lightning speed). 

It's spring here in my little town and I am eating it up.  To me, the sunshine that pours down during this time of the year is the absolute best.  If feels different somehow- gentler, softer, and a little happier.  It's delicious.  The azaleas are blooming, as are all of the other spring beauties, and seeing as how I've taken to running these days, I feel like I'm getting to soak in the efforts of all of the rich people that live in the surrounding neighborhoods that actually pay for landscapers to plant and water their gardens.  Except that thinking about that makes me a bit sad.  It seems to me that the true joy that comes from seeing and smelling wonderful goodies in your yard should come from the fact that you actually planted and toiled over them yourself. But alas, when you are busy working to pay for all the "stuff", I guess you sacrifice those kinds of things.  

But I digress.

Spring! Yay!.. Azaleas! Sunshine! Thunderstorms! White legs! Loud birds that wake you up in the morning! Driving with your windows down! Wasps that somehow magically find their way into your house! Lemonade stands! March madness! (yeah, I don't really care about that either) The smell of sprinklers watering the lawn!  Neighbors that hang out in front of the house and smoke weed! (oh wait.  That doesn't happen to you? Weird.)

Here's to spring everyone!

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tsizzleforizzle said...

Wish I was there to enjoy spring with you my friend.