Monday, March 30, 2009

Enchilada me this...

It's been a crazy last few days or so.  I had several tests, lots of stuff at the new job going on, and my family came in for a quick visit towards the end of the week.  

Among the most noteworthy of events:

-My mom made us some homemade enchiladas that were pretty fantastic.

-My dad helped me remove my nose ring because I am an utter coward when it comes to those  types of things.  I think my mom was so happy she cried a little bit... and then offered me cash  to never ever put a piece of metal in my nose again.

-Another viewing of 'Mama Mia' ensued... this time I actually was prepared for the event and  found myself humming along.

-We hit up Ross and elbowed our way through an array of clutter to emerge victorious  with some cute shoes in hand.  Booyah.

And yesterday, after the family had left, I spent some time reading a great book that the roommate passed along:


I finished it this morning and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good, quick read.  It's been out for a couple of years, and while I've seen it on the shelves, for some reason I was always a bit wary of it's best seller status.  But, per usual, I was wrong and I found myself oddly touched by the storytellers (plural) and they way their lives intertwined.  It's based off of a true story, and it's written in an honest and far from pretentious tone.  I like that.  

I hope all is well with anyone else who happens to stumble upon this here little blog.  I'm off for a run to help burn off those fabulous enchiladas.  


Liz said...

This is the third recommendation I've heard for this book just this week, and yes, it's only Tuesday. I will have to pick it up now.

Sorry to hear about your nose ring.

Caroline said...

Mama was telling me about that book. By the's "Mamma Mia"...