Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Party in my nose.

Life goes on it seems.  Lately it feels like every day I am feeling the weight more and more of seasons changing and time progressing.  

Our dear friend David moved back to the east coast this past week.   We said goodbye, and while obviously it (hopefully) won't be forever, 
it certainly won't be the same either... (he's the only normal looking one in the far right corner... don't you just want to pinch his cute little cheeks??)

Some other good friends are buying a house about 20 miles away and exploring what it might mean to settle down and get a bit domestic.  We are SO excited for them, but again, I feel the change...

In my personal life, things are certainly changing too.  I feel my emotions go up and down, to the left and to the right, and most days I just try to ignore what I'm feeling (certainly a healthy choice for this future therapist... ha!) and get on with it because I know that my emotions will swing 180 degrees in T minus ten seconds anyhow...  Some days I feel completely unloveable, and other days I feel overwhelmed with the goodness of the souls that surround me.

And life is certainly busier.  I just got a second job that I'm excited about.  I found it, interviewed and was hired all within 24 hours, so I'm still getting used to the thought of all of it.  I'll be doing what is called "cognitive skill training" at a local learning center in hopes of learning some new skills myself that I can apply in the future.  This, paired with still keeping up some hours at the Buck, tutoring, AND 12 hours of school... well, let's just all keep of our fingers crossed that I don't turn into a raving, angry, caffeine-hyped lunatic.  

So, for this little gal (who doesn't always appreciate a lot of change in a short amount of time) the past couple of weeks have been tough.  I'm trying to put on my big girl panties about all of it, but most days I still think I feel a bit left behind.  And that's the hardest feeling of all.

One last thing. I think I'm being punished for going against my parent's sincerest of wishes in that I would refrain from pushing any kind of metal through any part of my face...  my nose ring and I are currently in a knock-out fight, and it's winning.  The diamond in my stud fell out, my nose got infected, I stupidly tried to "fix" it, and now the stud refuses to budge and I'm left to put an embarrassing concoction of tea tree and olive oil inside my left nostril.  Sounds like a party, right?? 

You have no idea.


Catherine said...

LOVED this post. It made me laugh out loud...more than once. =)

Missy said...

LMAO at the picture.

Shannon Kelly said...

i love the picture of all of you. you can do it! you can juggle everything and still not turn into a lunatic! because you are awesome! and you never know who is thinking about you and praying for your well being... maybe even people across the ocean in lands far away... ;)