Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Powder

It's a beautiful day out there this afternoon.  I woke up and wanted to be productive so I ran around and took care of a few things. It's interesting, because as I made a list of all the necessities I needed to get done (because yes, I love lists) I found myself caring entirely too much about one particular thing on my little yellow piece of paper: buying baby powder... 

Now, let me back up here so I can let you in on a little of the logic that goes into actual role of baby powder in my life.  

I have very fine, thin hair.  It tends to get a bit oily after, oh, I don't know, three and a half minutes post shower.  I also highlight my hair.  My natural color is this really despicable hue of dirty blonde that by anyone's standards is utterly blah... and unfortunately, when you are under-funded as I am these days, you've got to stretch those highlights out between a few more months than you would normally like to.  Now, one way that I like to do this is by washing my hair every other day.  My highlights last a bit longer and on those particular non-wash days my hair is either a.) hair wrapped, b.) encased in a hat, or c.) up in a bun involving bobby pins and such.  So, with all of this being said, my secret to keeping my hair from looking like I just rolled out of a tub of Crisco is, tah-dah!... baby powder.  I sprinkle some onto my hands and then do some damage control where needed throughout my head... it doesn't take a genius to know that cornstarch sucks up oil like I suck down a coke-zero- extremely efficiently.

So, needless to say, you can imagine my panic when, this morning, I went to find my baby powder and it was EMPTY.  Suddenly getting my oil changed and car inspected fell to the bottom of my list and buying more baby powder sky rocketed to the top... Such a thing is a non-negotiable... kind of like always having milk and cereal in the house.  

I know, I know... I could just suck it up and shower more... or maybe become a brunette... or put my salon tab on my credit card every six weeks... but really, where's the fun in that?

I'll take my $1.50 bottle of baby powder. 


Ashley said...

OOooo! Very interesting. I absolutely HAVE to wash my oily hair every day but I'm sooo going to try baby powder on that Saturday when I have no motivation. :) I won't have that cute bobbi pinned bun look though.

nunface said...

This is brilliant! I applaud your innovation. I too have said blah color of hair and try to be creative in stretching the time between highlights. My solution has been this Redken treatment that slightly bleaches your hair. It's basically a fancy conditioner. It comes out of the tube looking purplish blue and makes my hair look slightly white, but calms my paranoia of exposed roots. I must have done something wrong the other day though...idk...left it on too long or not wash it out well enough...because today my bangs are a slight shade of purple. who knows. I'm hoping to wear the purple so fantastically that women everywhere start dying their bangs to look like me. I’ve also found that a good solution to the greasy hair syndrome is to just go all the way. Rock the greasy look. Plenty of people do. I mean, most of them live in Portland, but they are very cool out there.