Friday, January 9, 2009

about me.

Small ears and small chest.
Big eyes and big heart.
Mid-west born until I migrated south.
Here I attended a proper Baptist university in a quirky little lovely city. (Sic 'em bears.)
I met wonderful friends, fell in love with a boy, underwent minor panic regarding what to do post- graduation, and eventually landed where I am today- in another quirky little lovely city. (Except this one has more trees.)
Fast forward a bit and I am back in graduate school, no longer with aforementioned boy and instead, I have acquired lots of books, scarves, and a dog. Her name is Marlo. She is prone to a certain personality and affection. I think it is more accurately known as bitchy.

Some day I will graduate,
wherein I can officially masquerade as a real-life psychologist.
(But we all know I'm just in it for all the great self-help literature and free therapy sessions.)

Also, it should be noted that my mother reads this blog.
She will most likely give me a long-distance disapproving pause because I typed the word bitchy.
(But besides that, she and the rest of my quirky clan are pretty much the bee's knees.)

I believe in love and laughter,
grace and God,
friends and fragility,
and never-ending soul talk.

And this blog is just one facet that helps me piece all of this chaos together.

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