Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Small Obsession.

It seems like lately, the "rooms" and I (small interjection: it seems like I've been reading a lot of blogs lately where the "husband" is constantly referred to as the "hubs"... this fact is mildly irritating to me, and just to emphasize how much so, I've decided to refer to my roommate as "rooms" for the duration of this post...)... anyhow, as I was saying, the rooms and I are finding ourselves with a bit of a girl crush on that crazy Beyonce (aka Sasha Fierce). She can entertain with the best of them, and her latest video seems to be sweeping across the country in a way that has inspired grown men to don black leotards and prance around in high heels... gross.

So, if you have been living underneath a rock for the last two weeks, let me give you a little taste of what has been played (and danced to... ohhhh the dancing) by the rooms and I in our house over the last few days. This video is pretty amazing. I heard from a reliable source (who I KNOW is reading this right now...) that this whole video was filmed in a single shot. WHAT?

Anyhow. Enjoy. The rooms and I are currently recovering from a pre-Thanksgiving football game (which I'm sure will be blogged about in the near future) and planning our big Thanksgiving breakfast for the morning. We're going the non-traditional route. I despise turkey (and participating in any team sport... but that's another story) and so a big breakfast sounds brilliant to me.

Enjoy the Holiday. Think of the rooms and I here, noshing on pancakes and bacon, and promptly working it off by practicing our "Sasha Fierce-est" dance moves. Because let's face it, when inspired, we can definitely shake it...


tsizzleforizzle said...

oh how I miss you and the "rooms"

nunface said...

this video has greatly inspired me. thank you.