Monday, November 3, 2008

Red, White, and Blue

I was thinking this morning about the upcoming election, wondering about how it will turn out, and preparing myself for the bombardment of media coverage (red, white and blue digital maps anyone??) that is inevitably around the corner.  It's hard to believe sometimes that it has been four years since the last election (albeit, in many ways it has felt much, muuuuuch longer...) and I've been racking my brain trying to pinpoint how I spent our last election day back in 2004.   

If I remember correctly, I spent most of my day waiting tables in the Chili's bar, serving people food and drinks as their eyes stayed peeled to the t.v.'s mounted in the corners.  I remember periodically gazing up to check out the progress of things, watching for which states would be red, and which would be blue.  As the afternoon wore on, I also remember some alcohol-aided rants being delivered in the general direction of the t.v.'s.... actually, now that I think about it, I think that rants and loud shouting may have been a fairly consistent part of election day, 2004.

Which brings me to this question:  Where were all of you on our last election day?  Any fun stories?  Any drunken rants? Did you spend hours waiting in line to vote?  Was CNN your best friend?  Did you even remember it was election day?  

Just curious.  


david said...

voted (poorly) with a child on my hip. I felt creepy because it was in an elementary school and the boy wasn't mine, but I got paid to take care of him and anyway I voted for Bush and it was the first presidential election I voted in and ... guh.

Liz said...

i remember really struggling with who to vote for, not because of policy issues, but because of which candidate OTHER people liked. I was still really into people pleasing back then.

this year, i was much more excited for election day, and even though my candidate didn't win, i still am glad that i got to participate in such a historical, thrilling election.

i am kind of glad it's over, though.

Shannon Kelly said...

i watched the coverage in my dorm room... and it feels like forever ago. I had a t-shirt that said "don't flush the country down the "johns" ... i feel really dumb about that now. by the way... I LOVE your new picture at the top of the blog.

Lump said...

I didn't get to vote in the last election. I had just moved to Texas and didn't have time to register. I'm counting the days until Bush is gone.

Courtney said...

I drove hours back home to my parents, where I was still registered. I knew it was important to keep Bush out of office, and I tried my best with my one little vote. It wasn't enough....and I cried like a baby when Bush won again.