Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love Me a Sunday Fun-day.

Good times are happening around here.  Our friend Drew is over and all of us are kicked back after a good dinner (that Drew made for us- no complaints) watching football.  I have to laugh sometimes at the picture that our little group can paint- one of slight dysfunction that resembles a kind of family.  I like the little family that we have going on, and it is certainly nice to sit in a room with people that you know well enough to NOT talk to.  I love not talking sometimes.  It accomplishes so much in a world that requires way too much speaking (in my humble opinion).  

Anyhow.  Today has been one well spent.  After waking up at 11:15 (don't judge, I worked until 1:15 am last night) Lyndsey and I hit up some yoga, had ourselves a good cup of tea, came home and lounged around for a while.  I caught up with my friend Brent via a phone call that according to him, was a long time coming, chatted with my mom for a bit, and finally, chowed down on some delicious tortilla soup made by our friend Drew (who is currently wearing an old fraternity shirt and drinking miller lite out of a can... giggle, giggle).   Next up: Catch up on some knitting and drink some coffee. 

 It's a beautiful thing.

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zentiment said...

I agree about the not talking thing. It's nice to be with people you don't feel like you have to entertain by constantly feeling like you have to make conversation.