Friday, November 21, 2008

And I'm back in the game...

The pod has been located.  Yep.  I realize I am tremendously lucky... I wondered into my class yesterday morning, sat down, stuck my hand down in between the two seats, and promptly pulled out my ipod.  Seriously?? It was well-hidden and survived 48 hours of undergrads fidgeting in their seats while sitting through lecture after lecture.  

Sigh. (This time, it's a good one.)

Today I am in good spirits because I have the day off.  It is mine to seize and make the most out of.  I have a bit of homework to take care of, but beyond that I thought I might venture out into the now cold world that is beyond my front door and see what I find.  Although, right now, with my cup of coffee in hand and Cat Stevens singing to me from the very keyboard I am typing on, I am feeling pretty warm and cozy.  

So, I hope everyone's day is warm and cozy as well, full of wonderful music (whether it comes from inside your head or out...) and of course, a great cup of coffee.   

Happy Friday.

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zentiment said...

Congrats on finding your ipod! What are the odds it would still be there?! Lucky!