Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Caroline

That Caroline is one hot number.

Number 18, that is.

Happy Birthday to the best sister I have ever had (and believe me... I have had a lot.) Sorry about all of those times I tried to convince you that you were adopted.... as well as that one time I showed you how to cut your own hair as a three year old and watched you promptly give yourself a flat-top. (I would like to think that is where you true sense of excellent style began.) I'm also sorry about the fact that I went to a really expensive college and left your college funds minimal. Oh, and I'm really sorry about the fact that your dog loves me more than you...

It's amazing that you ended up as wonderfully brilliant, beautiful, and talented as you are...

I really do love you to the ends of the earth, and I am SO completely proud of who you are.

Happy 18th.
Now go get registered to vote already.


1 comment:

Ashley said...

She's 18?? WHAT?? She looks so much like your mom in that picture (and it's a very cool picture at that). :)