Friday, October 3, 2008

Some things I'm having trouble doing these days:

1.) Putting down the knitting needles. I need a weekly meeting about this or something.

2.) Finding my contacts. I had a whole box of them somewhere... if only I could remember where I put them.

3.) Staying away from coffee. Ever since this whole Starbucks gig, it's practically all I can think about. (You would too if you got a free drink every day...)

4.) Peeling myself away from this computer long enough to do other things... like drink coffee and knit... oh, and study and go to work...

5.) Sleeping. I toss and turn, and turn and toss. AND I have a feeling it may have something to do with number 3 on this list.


Eleanor said...

I sympathize with three and five, they are my life as well.

Also, Anne Shirley is my forever favorite, and my answer to the question (runners up are Joe March from Little women, and Pippi Longstocking). Or maybe Alexi Karamazov.

Glad you found me. Nice to see you.

peelthelime said...

I know why you can't sleep. You are used to shackin' up with the cool breeze from our lean-to. Oh they brought us many a good night's sleep.