Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Kid on Campus

It's a strange thing, walking back onto a college campus again after being away for so long. Being a grad student is a new ball game for me... I don't have friends to talk to or meet for a quick lunch between classes, I'm still learning where all my classes are located and how this new university's system works, and I definitely am adjusting to the feeling of lugging books from place to place. It's been an overwhelming couple of days involving the filling out of lots of drop/add forms and a visit to virtually every HR office on campus, but as I sit here tonight I feel like I'm off to a good start. I think I'm going to really enjoy my courses and the professors who will be teaching them. It's nice to feel like I have a clear set goal that I can work towards while knowing I have the correct means to achieve the end.

It's funny- I sat in one of my classes today watching all of the students trickle in around me. This particular course is an undergrad prerequisite that I have to take and it's a larger class- about 75 students. I sat and I observed and I couldn't help but laugh a little to myself. All around me I watched the familiarities of college. I reminisced about when I was at Baylor, with a huge world in front of me, unsure of my next week, much less my next semester. I watched the girls in their sorority t-shirts and shiny hair flirt with the cute boys in front of them. I listened to the obvious athletes chat with one another about their next practice. And I spied the loner-types take their usual back seat far away from the crowd. All of it was so familiar. I remembered so vividly being in that place- loving my small world and enjoying so much the freedom that I felt. And in that moment, it was all I could do to not yell down to all of them- "Enjoy this time! Don't take it for granted! This is one of the best times of your life!"... and it was then that I knew the truth. I, once again, have become my mother.

But it's true in a lot of ways. I miss my years in college so much some days it hurts. I miss the carefree spirit of it all. I miss the late night hang outs and the spontaneous outings. It was so fun. In fact, it was the very definition of fun. But then I realize- I like my life now too. It may be very different, but it's still spontaneous and spirited. I love my friends and I still love my freedom.

So, while going back to school may be a bit of a reality check on what my life is not, it is also a good reminder of what it is-

And who knows? Maybe this is the best time in my life...


Liz said...

I tried to email you, but it bounced back to me. I must have the wrong one! can you email me at so I can have the right one? hope school is going well!!

Courtney said...

I started Law School at 28. I never thought I would find such an amazing group of people who have grown into my friends, my comrades, and my inspirations... Good Luck to you in school, don't give up, cherish every opportunity to learn, and lay off the coffee :)

Anonymous said...

Awe, I liked this post. I saw a link for it at the bottom of your most recent post. It made me laugh b/c I was so one of those loner back of the room

Anyway, I deleted my blog. Max was just asking way too many questions. Maybe I'll start an anonymous one or something eventually. Anyway, I'm so glad you had a most wonderful of all birthdays.

I miss our tutoring times- not so much the stats (for obvious reasons) but just seeing you as often. I def. want to do something for you for your birthday soon. Have a great night, Courtney.