Saturday, July 12, 2008

"May the Fourth Be With You"..

So, yes. I know it's been a while. I feel like a lot of little happenings have occurred as of late and several of them are definitely worth mentioning. The first is as follows: I made it to the semi-finals this evening in the first annual Ute Trail women's arm wrestling competition. The bracket was pretty fierce and I thought my chances of progressing were pretty slim. Well, in the end, I was absolutely correct. My chances were about as poor as my biceps. I didn't win. I didn't even come close... but, i did make it to the second round. boom.

Also, I've made two very interesting trips to the great community of Grand Junction. Around these parts we like to call it "GJ" and let me tell you how NOT happening it really is. We spent some quality time at the local train station picking up and dropping off a couple of cool kids (one of which is of relation... oh, alright, it was my sister) AND searching for coffee shops that were apparently not open. We also discovered street names such as "29 1/4" street and then, naturally, "29 1/2" street. We also encountered lots of fun "signage" such as the truly patriotic message displayed on the local Dairy Queen that read, "May the Fourth Be With You". Obviously this was such a noteworthy event that it was worth naming this blog after...

I also had a fun little excursion to a small stream in the mountains to go fly fishing. Lyndsey, our friend Adam, and myself rode out past Lake City a few miles and hiked down to a beautiful little place that would be good for any one's soul. We spent the afternoon fishing/reading/laughing/getting unbelievably sunburned... I think what I wrote in my journal was that it was the kind of afternoon that everyone should experience while spending summer days in the mountains. We didn't catch anything, but we had a truly "picture-worthy" time.

And now, a few of our staff sit in the back office, giggling and attempting to carry on conversation free of vulgarity. I'm not sure how successful we have been thus far. I'm sandwiched by the two Adams on camp and Lyndsey sits in front of me... I think the late hours of the night are dissolving into lots of laughter that is easily given and easily received. It's been a good day. I feel my right arm has gotten a good workout and that my driving skills have been thoroughly tested... I feel ready to give way to sleep.

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