Sunday, June 22, 2008

On this rainy day...

It's a good feeling to sit down and breathe for a bit. This past week was an interesting one for me- I had several moments of feeling like my world was about to collapse upon me, but alas, it stayed intact thanks to the good humor and patience of the people that I found myself surrounded by. I survived and we survived and even more importantly, our stash of strawberry sour straws survived... I don't think I could have made it through without them.

It's sprinkling a bit right now, but the best part is that this afternoon we've had the pleasure of listening to the thunder bounce through the mountains in anticipation of thicker clouds and fatter rain... fat rain is the best.

Yesterday Aimey and I spent some time in Gunnison doing the kinds of things that you should do on a Saturday LIKE... hang with the nice guy at RadioShack as he thoroughly searched for a phone charger to fit my old, grungy phone. And then, we got to hang with the nice lady at the Verizon store as I realized that the only way to "fix" my phone was to buy a new one. So I did. And then, we got to go to the laundry mat and check out the laundering scene in Gunnison. We saw a bit of action, but nothing compared to the crazy laundering characters I've witnessed in Tyler. And as if that wasn't enough, we got to grab dinner with a couple of friends and learn new words such as "knell" and "larceny"... (they helped me study for my impending GRE exam). So, obviously, it was a very productive Saturday.

Oh, and we also bought some more strawberry sour straws.

And now we wait- for more families, for more excitement, for more rain. I think this week is going to be a good one. I think I will get to go kayaking a lot. I think I will get to study a little. And I think we will all get to figure out a little more about how things are supposed to go around here.


Nick the Rabbler said...

what if when you were kayaking, you accidentally found yourself in some unknown tributary of some strange river and the rapids were so powerful that you were unable to make it out of the water, and so you just kept going until finally you find yourself slowing to a stop right here in cave springs? wouldn't that be weird?

Shannon Kelly said...

I miss you too! Summer is going well. I have sent a letter to ya;ll in CO via snail mail. Be on the look may take a week though!

glad you have survived CO so far!