Sunday, May 11, 2008

If Walls Could Talk.

So, I've noticed something lately. I've been reverting back to old habits. My roommate Lyndsey has been gone for the past few days (but she's on her way home today... yea! for more laughter in the house) and it seems that in my time alone I've taken to living in the way that I did before, when I was without a roommate and alone quite a bit. Now don't get me wrong, I have loved the last couple of days. I think I forget how much I like just being by myself, even if I do get a little over-analytical and lazy. But it's so funny how we all have those little behaviors that we take part in when no one else is around. For example:

  • My diet has strictly consisted of food that involves little if no preperation so as to avoid creating dirty dishes.
  • I woke up yesterday morning, walked around the house, ate a bowl of cereal, and promptly went right back to bed.
  • My nightly routine has involved popping a couple of tylenol pms about thirty minutes before I want to go to sleep. This way when I am actually lying in bed my mind is so bogged down by medication that it cannot possibly create scary scenerios involving me, robbers, and an empty house.
  • I caught myself dancing and singing loudly to my mirror. I'm pretty sure I was pretending to be wowing audiences world wide with my amazing talents and pop-star like abilities. I'm sure my curtains were very entertained.
  • I've taken more baths than should be humanly allowed.
  • My music has been turned up so loud that it has actually drowned out the obnoxiously loud bass that bumps from our next door neighbors (car? house? dance club in their garage? where can it possibly be coming from?)
  • I rented two girly movies, 'Atonement' and '27 Dresses'. The first I really liked. As for the second, I have already forgotten any part of the movie except that she (obviously) gets the guy in the end.
And, of course, I've worn the same outfit for the last three days. I mean, I haven't seen anyone except for the cashiers at Wal-Mart...

Maybe it's a good thing that Lyndsey is coming home soon...


Liz said...

I get a little weird when I'm by myself too. My problem is that I start over-thinking my life. Being a social person, I know that I get my energy from being around people--I don't have to even talk to them. I just need to not be alone.

I watched Atonement and was frustrated by the postmodern ending: "It's not what really happened, but it IS truth, because it's a truth for me."

Rusty Shackelford said...

I have done the exact same thing when I am alone. Hell, I do it when people are around. Carry on. PS you are a valid point.