Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Good Life.

A good day.

I woke up early. I ate some breakfast. I flipped through a magazine. I went back to my bed and lay prostrate for a bit. I began reading a great book that David gave Lyndsey and I ('Girl Meets God' by Lauren F. Winner- very interesting thus far... all about a girl who converts from Judaism to Christianity). I read a few chapters, wondered into the living room, and then finished up watching 'Oceans 11' on t.v. I love that movie. All of it. Every bit. Especially the Brad Pitt part.

This afternoon has been spent talking to a few folks on the phone, paying some bills, actually getting dressed... I'm wearing one of my favorite skirts. I like it because it swishes around my ankles and makes me feel a bit more graceful than I actually am.

And now I sit, listening to Joshua James (a fellow Nebraskan, I just discovered) serenade me, finishing up my mug of tea (oh Lord, I am my mother) and pondering my next move. In and through all of these minimal things I couldn't help but think, what a good day.

One of my favorite Annie Dillard quotes goes as follows: "There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by." I couldn't agree more... and I have to wonder why that is. Why are days- hours and minutes- so easily recognized as good, but not our months, our years, our lives?

Give me your thoughts.


Liz said...

I think smaller portions of time can easily be labelled as "good" because there's less room for the crap of life to sneak in somewhere. Sure, you may have a great year overall, but there was that fiasco somewhere in July...

A minute, or even a day, has the potential to be perfect.

nunface said...

i found your blog! hello old friend! and a very profound question indeed. seems nearly impossible to have so many good days and not have that amount to a good life. maybe we're measuring lives by the wrong thing. maybe we're looking for success and impressive feats of...something...anything....while we overlook the fact that someone living a good life in a screwed up world is a pretty incredible story.

david said...

mmm... maybe we're all way too invested in the idea that our life will only last a certain number of days that we have to make the most of our days and in doing so we neglect our eterntnity.

but definately think that finishing your mug of tea impacts your eternity. seriously.