Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why I love my job...

There are some days where I have to pause and shake my head at the fortunate type of employment I find myself in. Today was definitely one of those days. Although this morning I was a bit grumbly rolling out of bed before dawn on my prized Saturday, by the time the sun was blazing down I was feeling like this would be a day for the record books (or for my journal... and of course, this new blog that I know at least my mom will read).

The location: A 'Hatchery and Fishery' of types located in Athens, TX.

The purpose: To give a hand to the event (one in which families are invited to come fish, visit
booths, eat food, watch wildlife shows, etc.) and promote Sky Ranch in the process.

What I was supposed to do: Help visitors construct their very own rocket (!) and assist in the
launching of these rockets... all while letting them know how
wonderful Sky Ranch is.

What I actually did: Made friends with "the Bird lady" (Doris) and made even better friends with
members of "The Dutch Oven Society" (my favorites- Eloise and Jim). I also
picked up some SWAG including a plastic cup with fish all over it, a rubber
bass, and a dvd entitled "Everything you could ever possibly want to know
about Bass Fishing... and more..." (or something similar to this). Yeah, you
don't have to tell me. I know I totally scored.

So, anyways. Here were some of my favorite moments from the day.

1.) Doris (the 82 year old bird lady) telling David and I about how one time she lived in an eagle's nest for seven days and six nights to help raise awareness and funds for the preservation of eagles. Apparently there were gatherings of sorts continually happening at the base of the particular tree where she was perched, one of which included wine. She didn't get mad at them for interrupting her "sitting", but she did get mad because they didn't pass her up any of the booze.

2.) The free shirt that David, Ricky and I received for helping out... let's just say it is grey and is entitled "11 HIDDEN OWLS?" and is dramatically covered in various portraits of owls in which some of them are "hidden"... it's like a grown-up, creepy, bird-lady version of "where's waldo". We also threw out the suggestion for creating a tattoo with a similar theme...

3.) Mine and Lyndsey's lunch with Eloise and Jim, members of "The Dutch Oven Society" and avid RV-ers... They will be celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary next week, and they were hysterically funny. Among many of the facts we found out while spending 20 minutes with them: they own a small, stumpy-legged rat terrier named Sport . Ironically enough, my family ALSO owns a small, stumpy-legged rat terrier named Sport. They also visited Mexico on their 50th wedding anniversary and were fortunate enough to experience what they referred to as "the sand artists"... You know, those people who build those big sand castles? Well, if you can believe it, Eloise actually booked another trip to a new beach in Mexico for this year, and the very week she booked their vacation is THE week that the sand artists will be returning. You would have thought she was telling us that she had won the lottery, she was so exhuberant. And maybe my top moment of the day- Jim, in his denim baseball hat covered in pins saying such things as 'arkansas fishing' and 'Texas- Gr8 St8" responding to Lyndsey's admission that she has never seen the Pacific ocean with: "Well, you're not missing much. It looks just like the Atlantic... except instead of looking to the east, you're lookin' west!"


And this is why I love my job.


david said...

haha - were you there when Doris told us that she "has a bedroom in her house, but would rather sleep in my van with my birds?"

/the kind of sigh that you can feel over the internet...

Nick the Rabbler said...

If you love it, why are you bailing? Hmmmmmmmmm...

Mike said...

Jim Franks = Captain Obvious

david said...

oooh Mike... yeah you totally flubbed that. The "Jim" who said the thing about the ocean is not Jim Franks. Yeeaaaah... oops.