Monday, April 28, 2008


So, a few friends and I spent the weekend in Dallas (undoubtedly we will all blog about this event....even though we were all there, we will all read each others accounts, and we have already discussed it.... but that's "how we do"). We drove up there Friday night, boys and dogs in one car, and girls and pretty things in the other. Seeing as how our worlds are pretty small, an event like this is indeed noteworthy, as it actually pulls us away from East Texas and gets us into the kinds of locales where the skyline is more than just three buildings in diameter.

Our friend Rachel has a pretty wonderful family who are always willing to host us and feed us no matter what the occasion. So, we stormed into the Rhea household a little after 6:30 and I had to laugh as I looked around and saw 9 people and 5 dogs, all packed on the patio as if wanting a little more of the party at hand. Mama and Papa Rhea decided that Sushi sounded appropriate (I have to admit, at that point, I did not concur) and off we headed (sans dogs) to gorge ourselves on raw fish stuff.

The funny thing is, if you know me at all, you know that food can be a big stress in my life. I don't like condiments of any kind, I detest most concoctions where foods are mixed (i.e. casseroles) and I definitely am not a fan of fish... especially the kind that is raw. But, seeing as how we were all feeling a bit adventurous, I went along for the ride and decided to try something new. I learned very quickly to stop asking what was actually in the sushi and to just twiddle my chopsticks and do my best to stick it in my mouth. And you know what? It actually wasn't too bad. The chef was wonderful and so happy to be serving us and our waitress was absolutely adorable. They brought out soups and sushi, plate after plate, edamame, veggies, perfectly cubed oranges, fried icecream, and then, as if that wasn't enough, they brought around little miniture hershey bars ( an age old Japenese tradition...) to top off the night. Oh! And we also tried Saki! It wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I guess i had visions of drinking rubbing alcohol or something... but alas, it was actually enjoyed. So, all this to say, that my first Sushi experience was a successful one. We had great food and even better company, all thanks to the fabulous Rhea family.

P.S. I still like cooked food best :)


david said...

nice picture. nice work. wanna study tomorrow?

Liz said...

i love sushi. the thought of sushi grosses me out, but when i ignore what it is i'm actually eating, i love it. there is this little thai restaurant just up the road in sarasota that my grandparents (you remember them, and they ask about you every now and then) took us to a couple months ago. the walls were covered in dark, hand-carved wooden panels, and the food was phenomenal. i'm so glad you've discovered the joy of raw fish!

Nick the Rabbler said...

i ate sea urchin... fabulous sea urchin.