Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, funny story. It begins like this. Lyndsey and I decided to celebrate the beginning of our four day weekend with a little musical performance. No, Lyndsey and I did not perform (you probably wouldn't want to hear that...). Instead, we went to witness a few bands play at a funny little venue here in town. A few boys that I know from Waco (if you know me at all, you probably know EXACTLY who I'm talking about) were in town to play a show... Ethan Durelle. Check them out on itunes. There's my plug. Anyways, after they had played, a few of us were sitting down in the back enjoying the entertainment that surrounded us (i.e. funny middle aged man with a plaid button-down tucked into his tapered jeans... and a mohawk). Evan, the lead singer (who looks strikingly similar to Sponge Bob, by the way) grabs a can of sprite and finds a seat next to me. Out of the corner of my eye I see him crack it open and take a huge sip. And then, still out of the corner of my eye, I see that classic mishap- the " i just took a drink but it missed my lips and went straight down into that awkward place in my pants" thing... Evan immediately goes for the napkin and begins to quickly pat it dry.. well, you know.. down there. I, of course, start laughing loudly and Evan realizes that I've witnessed the whole thing. So, he looks at me and says: "What? Are you laughing at me because I'm patting my crotch"? And then, as if right out of some Jim Carrey movie, the band on stage ends its song at the precise moment that the word 'crotch' leaves Evan's mouth. This, of course, only causes me to laugh longer and harder... and this, of course, only motivates Evan to yell, one more time, "CROTCH!!" so that all who missed it the first time can be sure to catch it the second... I guess this only goes to prove that no matter how old you are, all you need to lighten up the mood is a good bout of crotch-yelling to get the party started. It sure worked for me.

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growingfreely said...

classic, so classic. all up in his c-rotch!

p.s. great description of the mohawk man...tapered jeans and all...