Thursday, April 24, 2008

A brief recap...

So. Here is a brief recap of some of the important happenings of my week.

1.) My ipod stopped playing music. I mean, it still runs and everything, but no sound is emitted. Just thinking about it makes me whimper.

2.) I trimmed my own bangs. Yep... Next step: Beauty School.

3.) Lifeguarding. Oh Lord, the lifeguarding

4.) My dinner has consisted of red meat four nights in a row. FOUR! That is, like, monumental in my life...

5.) I turned around to witness a fifth-grade student named Dillon singing "i'm too sexy..." all while moon-walking and pulling up his shirt to reveal his belly button. I have to admit, the kid had some skills...

6.) Later the same day, "i'm too sexy" boy pulled me aside to ask me about the mating "duration and habits" of bearded dragons. Coincidence? I can't decide.

7.) I "borrowed" David Lankford's swimming suit. And then I wore it. I really wanted to go swimming. I don't think I've told him that yet.

8.) Did I mention lifeguarding?

9.) I almost lost our golden-kneed chaco tarantula... in a classroom... full of screaming children.

10.) And speaking of scary things that crawl, I found a HUGE bug inches away from my bedroom door. When I killed it, I yelled really loud and hit it so hard that it's insides hit the wall.

Beat that.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are wearing sunscreen while you are doing all this lifeguarding?! Seriously, you are going to wish you had paid attention to your Mom's advice when you hit 30!! She is SO wise!!

Ashley said...

So when you told the story about killing the bug and screaming, I flashed back to when we were driving down 56th towards Van Dorn and you came 1/2 an inch away from hitting the car in front of us and you just slammed on your breaks and screamed. I think your eyes were closed too. Good times.

david said...

you wore my swimsuit!? sometimes I'm NAKED in there!!

Liz said...

I don't think the situation with "i'm too sexy" boy is a coincidence. Fifth graders are remarkably good at looking innocent while being just as dirty as older kids.