Sunday, April 13, 2008

More reasons I love my mom...

Alright. So, I just wanted to share a brief synopsis of a conversation that my mom and I had earlier today (I'm sorry Mom, but I got to thinking about it, and it just had to be shared...)

The conversation began with her asking me how my week was. I tell her it was good, but busy... lots of hours spent away from home. I ask her how hers was. She tells me it was good, but busy... and she even began to get a bit sick towards the end of the week. She then asks me about what I did this weekend. I make the mistake of telling her that I spent a few hours at a tattoo shop waiting with our friend Rachel so she could get her nose pierced.

Her response:

"Courtney, you have to be careful about where you spend your time."

My response to this:


"Yes", she says. "This last week there was a girl about your age who got in an accident and then got beat up by a bunch of girls in a gang .."

Again, my response:

"What? That doesn't even make sense. What does that have to do with a tattoo shop?"

"Courtney, you just have to make sure you are making good choices about where you spend your time... that's all. She was just driving home from hanging out with some friends and ended up in the hospital."

I say OK and keep the conversation moving..(mental note: don't drive late at night? stay away from girls who look like they might be in a gang?)

We talk about a few other important things such as: my hair color, my future dating possibilities, the difference between psychologists and counselors, severe autism, Caroline's future, our crazy family, and last but not least, this weeks episode of 'the office'.

And eventually our conversation comes full circle:

"Ok Courtney, so should I expect a ring in your nose sometime in the near future?" She asks me.

"Probably," I tell her.

"But you are just so pretty Courtney. I don't understand why you would want a metal thing in your nose.... But I guess if you feel like it will express your individuality, I can try to understand." And then, there's a pause.

"Do you have to go to a tattoo shop to get it pierced?" she asks.

I laugh and tell her yes.
AND I might even have to drive late at night, by myself, surrounded by Lord knows who (maybe girls in gangs) to get there...

oh the joy of messing with your mother...

(I love you mom:))


Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

You are SO lucky you are one of my two favorite daughters!


Greg said...

Funny! I am a New York Times bestselling author working on a new book about mother-daughter relationships and thought you might want to contribute. Please visit my page for details about submitting stories for Mom's Little Angel.

Gregory E. Lang
Author of “Daddy’s Little Girl,” “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad,” “Why a Daughter Needs a Mom” and more.

Caroline said...

i never ever said that thing above there- mom wrote that. i'm not that lame;)

david said...

1. If you go get famous (a la the above comment) then we need to decide what to tell the masses about our sordid relationship.

2. Yeah did you hear about that girl? Her friends totally invited her over to their house with the explicit intention of beating her up and putting the video on YouTube. Don't hang out with people like that.

or I'll invite you to my house, pierce your nose, and sell the story to a New York Times bestselling author.

aah congurence...

Nick the Rabbler said...

Hi, I am an attractive, semi-famous, pretty-decent-selling blog writer who wanted to know if I could use some of your stories as my own. The best part is, even if you don't agree, I can still steal your stories and tell them as my own. Great? I thought so.

dont blink. said...

didn't I tell you that I am in a gang.

ash said...

oh how funny! thanks for your message. That house is actually out in Panama, which is 15-20 miles south east of lincoln, on 4th street. We moved there when i was 7 and my parents (dad and wife #2) sold it back in '03 or '04 when they got divorced. i drove by a year or 2 ago and the place is trashed. really sad.

Erin Dietrich said...

So funny! My mom sent me the same story about the girl that got beat up after getting in a car accident. Apparently mothers from Nebraska think alike!