Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is there a support group for this?

So, I think I have a problem- I absolutely cannot stop listening to the "Into the Wild" soundtrack. At first this was acceptable. The movie affected me in a pretty real way and I found the soundtrack held a very new and real meaning for me. But now, I'm not sure. Instead of the appropriate amount of intake that happens when you listen to music, I find myself trying to imitate Mr. Vedder's soul-filled howling in a way that is not pleasant for anyone around me... and I don't know how to stop. While I appreciate the musicality that such problems bring to my life, I don't think any breathing thing around me can express the same sentiment. I don't think I've used/sang the word "society" so much as I have the last couple of days. A couple more bouts of this and I'm gonna be revved up and ready to lobby for Ralph Nader, 2012.

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