Monday, March 24, 2008

Because my mom told me to...

Well, I've decided to give in to this blogging craze. I guess I'm following suit in waiting a few years to hop aboard the train. It's kind of like that crazy "cell phone" phase I was sure was going to pass... it only took me about five years to succomb to signing my life away by purchasing one of those things. The way I look at it I don't even have to sign anything to get started here. So, I guess it's more like hopping aboard an, um... broken bike.

I just said goodbye to my family. I live in Texas now. They live in Nebraska. Therefore our time together is usually short and it generally happens only a couple of times a year. It was, however, a pretty wonderful weekend and it was hard to see them drive away today. I'm struck by these moments I experience where I feel like such a grown-up, where my life is my own and I get to call the shots... and these moments generally always occur when I watch my family dissapear on the horizon. And then I remember my mom's parting words to me this morning: "lock your doors and don't forget to wear sunscreen!" and, of course, I have to laugh.

I guess my mom's wisdom goes beyond the typical mom stuff. She's a pretty phenomenal woman when you get right down to it. We help eachother out by trading wisdom from our very different lives. She clues me in on the wonder of 'bumble and bumble' hair products as well as the art of making superb mexican food and I let her try out my 'solomon' brand shoes and tell her that they will unabashadly change her life. She recommends her favorite books to me and I demand she listen to 'the weepies' newest album. It's give and take, back and forth. And so, with that being said, when my mom tells me I should blog, I've got no choice but to listen. So, this one's for you Marsha. And I guess to the other, like, two people who might get around to reading it.

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